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Recognising the growing importance of the building to residents and visitors to our town, the Friends of Holy Trinity were established to act as a focus for raising funds specifically to maintain and enhance the building and its immediate surroundings and to draw its support from as wide a range as possible. Membership is definitely not confined to those that worship here regularly. If you share our love for this ancient building and would like to help it develop as a centre for the community and to help preserve the fabric for future generations, please join the Friends today. You can be sure of a warm welcome.

In addition to the annual Lecture, the Friends arrange a number of fund raising activities throughout the year, at which Members are offered a discount on the ticket prices. Events include guest speakers, Burns Night Suppers, visits to groups of interesting churches, quiz nights, trips to the Continent and the annual Christmas Tree Festival. The Friends have contributed to a range of projects, including:

  • Lantern outside the South Porch
  • Repairs to the roof
  • Floodlighting the Tower
  • Fixed furniture and Welcome desk
  • Refurbishment and enhancement of the organ

Following completion of the major regeneration of the building in 2017, the Friends now focus their efforts on items that had to be deferred from the building contract due to lack of funds. We hope that the first of these will be the repair and refurbishment of the churchyard gates. The maintenance and upkeep of an ancient building such as Holy Trinity is a costly business and we want to help ensure that it can better meet the needs of all those that wish to use it, and to do so in a way that will endure for future generations.

For further details please contact John Cox at

Type of Membership Annual subscription:
Individual (year) £10
Family (year) £15
Corporate membership £20

Subscription renewal date is July 1st.

Cheques should be made payable to: The Friends of Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon

The Friends of Holy Trinity Church
Chairman: John Cox 
Secretaries: Mike and Jenny Fuller 
Treasurer: Judith Burchell

The Friends of Holy Trinity - Membership Form

2015's AGM
Burns Night fun 2019
2021's Christmas Tree Festival