Hiring Holy Trinity

Light and bright and with wonderful acoustics, Holy Trinity Church is perfect as a performance venue or as a place for smaller groups to meet. Holy Trinity has:

  • Flexible seating for 340
  • Separate Tower Room
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Internet connection
  • Willis organ, piano and sound system
  • Disabled access
  • Four toilets

The Church and Tower Room can be hired separately (Tower Room at £15 per hour).
For more information, and to make a booking please contact the Benefice Administrator, Netty at beneficeoffice@htboa.org.

Letting of the Church and Tower Meeting Room
Table of Fees for 2024

1. Main Church Building

Daytime (between the hours of 9am and 6pm)
Meetings / Regular rehearsals
£50 up to 2 hours
£60 up to 3 hours
£70 up to 4 hours
£90 up to 5 hours
£110 up to 6 hours

Public Performances (afternoon performance with use of Tower Room but no rehearsal included)

Evening (1800 to 2200)
Meetings / Regular rehearsals
£60 up to 2 hours
£70 up to 3 hours
£80 up to 4 hours

Public Performances (to include one rehearsal and use of the Tower Meeting Room on the night)

All day (9am – 6pm)

2. Tower Meeting Room
(NB seats up to 20 – up one flight of stairs – and has glass ‘wall’ overlooking church, so not suitable for confidential meetings)
£15 per hour

General Information

  • There is seating for 130 on the oak chairs and benches, and for a further 210 on the lightweight, stackable chairs.
  • The church is fully accessible, and there is a wheelchair available at the back of the church. But the Tower Meeting Room is only accessible by climbing one flight of stairs.
  • Please note that events may take place simultaneously in both church and meeting room, with the exception of Public Performances (day or evening) when we shall include the exclusive use of the meeting room automatically.
  • Facilities: heat, light and sound-system (all new, flexible and digital), WiFi, and use of the kitchen are included. There are 3 toilets at the west end (one with full disabled and baby-changing facilities).
  •  There is a good upright piano in the church. The church has this tuned twice a year (November & May). If you would like the piano tuned especially for your event, we are happy to arrange this for a fee of £80.
  • There will be an additional fee of £100 for the use of the newly restored Willis organ for an event. And this will always need to be arranged in conjunction with the Director of Music, Martin Cooke. Please never try and move the organ console & platform. We can do this very easily if asked.
  • There is no church parking: so please use street parking or Library, St Margaret’s or Station Car-parks (all parking is free after 6pm and there is a flate rate of 80p on Sundays).
Holy Trinity's Tower Room