Holy Trinity

‘Be still and know that I am God’ are the words, engraved on the glass doors, which greet you as you enter Holy Trinity Church. For this is the experience which we hope that you will have, on your own in the stillness, in the midst of a service with all its activity and music, at a social event, or at a wonderfully uplifting concert. Holy Trinity is a thriving and welcoming Grade I listed Church in the inclusive and liberal modern catholic tradition. And we take pride in our role as the Parish Church which has served the whole community down the centuries, and which continues to seek to do so. Our doors are (normally!) open every day of the week welcoming in both members of our community and visitors from afar.

We are part of the Church of England within the worldwide Anglican Communion and (rather more locally) the Diocese of Salisbury. And the Parish of Holy Trinity has been a part of the Benefice of Bradford on Avon Holy Trinity, Westwood and Wingfield since 2013. Having the opportunity to share our gifts and different experiences with one another across the benefice has brought us great riches. And so now we look forward to sharing them with you too.