Floor Tile Dedications

Thank you to all those who sponsored a virtual floor tile during our 2016 reordering campaign.

Nave, Chancel End
(Dedication Sponsor)
Bryan Rolf. Mary Ashton
Ian Pickup. In memory of my beloved husband. Elsie Bascombe
Katherine & Gordon King, married here 13th August 2011. Janet Broad
Leslie & Norah Brown. Christened, married, funeral. Their life revolved around Holy Trinity. Jim & Janet Brown
Retired clergy and spouses. Well done good and faithful servants. The Ven. & Mrs. J. Burgess
The Berteau Family, 1960-1980. Mrs. V.M. Dyer
Helen & Verity Elias 2016. Love always. Helen Elias
Alan Douglas Gordon. A friend of Holy Trinity from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Muriel Freeborn
Stephanie Cottle Gordon. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ancestors from Bradford on Avon. Muriel Freeborn
Eugene Cottle, 1908-1988. From the USA with ancestors from Bradford on Avon. Muriel Freeborn
Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine. Judith Hammond
Frances Hardman, her love lives on. Rev. P. Hardman
Laura Hardman, her love lives on. Rev. P. Hardman
Gerald Hodge, a well-loved man. Mrs. C. Hodge
Gerald Hodge, my lovely Dad, Poppa to Tom and Beth. Frances Hodge
Our lovely Dad, Grandad, bestest ever. Gilly, Peter, Rhiannon, James & Emma. Gillian Hodge
In memory of Shang-geng Ma and Mei-lan Yue, who attended Sunday service at Holy Trinity during 2004 & 2005. Claire John
Canon William Matthews. Remembered as a truly kind and godly pastor of Holy Trinity Church. Alan Knight
Eunice Bird. For her cheerfulness. Heather Knight
Dr Rona Alicia Edwards (nee Lunt). Married in this church 27, June 2009. Glenys Lunt
Elizabeth Netley (nee Simmins) 26.6.1942 – 2.1.2011 B. Netley
Brian Netley b. 30.3.1936 B. Netley
Andrew (Andy) Netley b. 9.4.1966 B. Netley
Christopher (Chris) Netley b. 14.3.1968 B. Netley
In remembrance of Philip Charles Smart, 15th December 1974 – 26th September 1996. Michael New
Alison and Michael New, married in Holy Trinity Church on the 5th September 1987. Michael New
The future generations of Bradford on Avon. May they always find a warm welcome in this beautiful community space. Kate & Nick Nicholls
Viv and Gill, friends of this church. Vivien Norfolk & Gill Winfield
Pat Candy & Felicity Johnston. Both ladies were very dear friends and supporters of Holy Trinity. Valerie Payne
Christian George David Penny. Bradford born 1936, grateful to have lived here all my life. Christian Penny
Monica Marion Lavis Penny. My wonderful wife of nearly 60 years. I owe my whole happy life to Monica 1935. Christian Penny
Alison Jane Penny Dauncey. Very much loved daughter, born Bradford on Avon 1961 and baptised at Holy Trinity. Christian Penny
Mathew Dauncey. Husband of our daughter Alison 1968 – . Christian Penny
Jacob Isaac Dauncey. Our adored eldest grandson. A lovely, polite and pleasant man 1993 – . Christian Penny
Caroline Elaine Penny Sloley. 1963 – born in Bradford on Avon, baptised and married at Holy Trinity. Our beloved younger daughter. Christian Penny
Richard Charles Brittain Sloley. Husband of our daughter Caroline 1957 – , married at Holy Trinity. Christian Penny
Phoebe Charlotte Penny Sloley. Our beautiful granddaughter 1998 – . A gentle, loving lady. Christian Penny
Thomas Edmund Brittain Sloley. Our wonderful younger grandson 2002 – . A loving, amiable young person. Christian Penny
Una and Bill Lavis. My in-laws who gave me my wife Monica. Thank you. Christian Penny
George Henry Penny. 1889 – 1957. My much loved Father, Bradford born, married at Holy Trinity 1910 and 1920. Christian Penny
Florence Bancroft Teasdale Penny. My beloved Mother 1893 – 1971, Bradford born married in Holy Trinity 1920. Christian Penny
Dorothy Lucia Penny and husband George Rose. 1921 – 1990, my eldest sister who helped me through Secondary School. Christian Penny
Brenda Edith Joan Penny & John Tiley. 1923 – 2012. My lovely hard-working sister to whom I owe so much. Bradford born, baptised and married in Holy Trinity. Christian Penny
Audrey Georgina Penny & Ted Smith. 1925 – 2002. My generous, fun loving sister. Bradford born and married in Holy Trinity. Christian Penny
Mary Aileen Penny Fort & husband Dennis Fort. Born in Bradford-on-Avon in 1928. Christian Penny
Joe Teasdale, Percy & Gilbert Penny. Children of my parents’ first marriages. Christian Penny
Mrs Kath Penny. Funeral service sermon. Preached at Bradford February 18th 1711 (Godden Bibliography) Christian Penny
My family Penny & family Bancroft. To my ancestors of Bradford-on-Avon. Christian Penny
The Lions Club of Bradford on Avon. In recognition of my 46 year membership. Christian Penny
Bette & John Riddle. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Bette Riddle
John Arthur Speakes. In loving memory of my husband John Speakes. Mrs Jennifer A. Speakes
Patrick Squire, a devoted and loyal choirman for over 30 years. Daphne Squire
Keith Phipps, a loyal and hard-working lay preacher. Daphne Squire
Michael Sullivan, beloved husband and father. Hemma Sullivan
Frances Taylor, loving mother at peace with Bill. Graham Taylor
Bill Taylor, loving father at peace with Frances. Graham Taylor
Keith Robinson, never to be forgotten! Graham Taylor
Kyakatina. Peaceful cruising. T. & J. Thompson
Clive and Stephanie Tomlinson, the first marriage on these tiles, 31st December 2016. Clive Tomlinson
In memory of Philip Uncles (1923-2013), who was a choirboy and acolyte in this church. Jackie Uncles
Steve Cowley. Always remember ‘keep the faith’. Michelle Wood
Michael Edward Wood, my late husband. Mrs Rose Wood

Nave, Tower End
(Dedication Sponsor)
Mary E. Ashton
Matthew Cox, Melanie Cox, Maisie Cox, Amy Burls, Sarah Hornsby, Isobel Hornsby, William Hornsby, Beryl Cox, John Cox Mr. & Mrs. J. Cox
Standing in the steps of our forefathers. The Dickinsons
Eric Freeborn, contribution to education in photography. Muriel Freeborn
Katie Froud, Froud Family John Froud
John Froud, Froud Family Katie Froud
Alice Froud, Froud Family John & Katie Froud
Emily Froud, Froud Family John & Katie Froud
Victoria Froud, Froud Family John & Katie Froud
Alfred Poland, a humble man but a spiritual visionary. Joyce & Ashlin Harrington
The Harrison Family June Harrison
Rufus George Edwards. Baptised in this church 17, June 2012. Glenys Lunt
John Douglas Vicker. For my Father. Lorraine Montacute
Greta Wiltshire. In memory of our mum. Amanda Morris
Edward Wiltshire. In memory of our dad. Amanda Morris
Richard Forrester. Happy Birthday Grandad, 2, June 2017. Sally Pickett
Irene Ward S.R.N. SCM, a caring and devoted District Nurse serving Bradford for many years. Daphne Squire
Leonard Stenning, much loved. Joy Stenning
Ruby Woods, William Woods, Amber Woods and Phoenix Woods. Our grandchildren. Susan & John Woods

North Aisle, Organ End
(Dedication Sponsor)
Jenny & Robert Arkell
John Stuart Benjamin & Sally Jane Benjamin. Barbara Jane Benjamin
Ronald R. H. Urch. To my father, organ builder and skilled craftsman. Mrs Mary F. Clark
Margaret Morris, on the occasion of her 80th birthday. John & Beryl Cox
Stanley Sutton Morris, happy memories of a lovely man who enjoyed worshipping in Holy Trinity. Mrs C. Hodge
In memory of Elsie Watkins a faithful member of Holy Trinity. Judith Holland
Philip (son) and Evelyn Humphrey. Many happy hours in the choir and Philip playing the organ. A great honour. Mrs. E. Humphrey
Stanley Morris. For my lovely Dad, happy memories – Angela. Angela Morris
J. Slack
Jennifer Marion Holloway. In memory of a much loved aunt, artist and writer. Stephanie Squire
Jack Shaw Stewart, grateful memories of love and happiness. Diana Shaw Stewart
Rose G. R. Wood, 1914-2011 Sheila Wood
John A. Wood, 1906-1978 Sheila Wood

North Aisle, Tower End
(Dedication Sponsor)
Harold Fassnidge. In memory of happy times in Bradford on Avon. Rosemary Chambers and Hilary Fassnidge
Edith Fassnidge. In memory of happy times in Bradford on Avon. Rosemary Chambers and Hilary Fassnidge
Canon John Bates and family. The Children’s Society. Elizabeth Forbes
Donald and Jean Maitland. The Friends of Holy Trinity. Lady J.M. Maitland
Alan Cullens, dearest brother loved and remembered. Mrs H. Roberts (nee Cullens)
Mrs Carroll Morris (nee Cullens), dearest sister loved and remembered. Mrs H. Roberts (nee Cullens)
Elizabeth, John, Mary & Margaret. John Ticehurst
In memory of Maurice White and for Gerald White, Bernard White, Colin White and Gwen Whittle. Mrs P. White

(Dedication Sponsor)
Jim & Ethel; Alfred & Louisa. In memory of our loved parents. Max & Adrienne Brown
David Garwood. With all my love, Tessa. Tessa Edgecombe
Mrs Doris Brunton. For my lovely Mum. xxx Mrs Valerie Knight
Moorfoot Family. For our family. Mrs. S. Moorfoot
Bessie Phipps. A loyal Sunday School teacher for many years. Daphne Squire
Caroline Stanton. In memory of an artist who lived at No 10 Church Street for more than 20 years. Anna Tanfield
Michael, Anna, Peter and Christopher – the Tanfield family. Anna Tanfield
Sally Wilson & Penny Hopgood
Muriel Guy
In memory of Gordon White and his partner Jess.